When the most popular term for a cleavage is ‘career line’
it’s time to focus on the real reasons for a woman’s success.


Sexism and inequality are problems the world over. In Hong Kong though, they’ve entered the language. The most commonly used term for a woman’s cleavage is ‘career line’, which demeans women and devalues their success by associating it with their appearance, rather than their talents and capabilities.


First, to spark a debate around sexism and inequality in the workplace, we set up Career Line Cosmetic Surgery. Targeted Facebook ads provoked the outraged reaction we’d hoped for. Then, at a press conference we revealed the #MyRealCareerLine message. Our online film featured some of Hong Kong’s most famous female icons sharing the qualities that drove their success, before ripping a ‘career line’ poster in two. It led people to our website where they could create their own #MyRealCareerLine message.


The campaign made the front pages and sparked a huge conversation online, with over 900 million unpaid media and social impressions. The general public, politicians, celebrities, CEOs, media owners, student bodies, and Hong Kong’s biggest employers showed their support and shared their own #MyRealCareerLine message. The South China Morning Post released a statement reviewing editorial policy and even Hong Kong’s most popular website (which had previously uploaded 3 or 4 ‘career line’ videos a day) showed its support.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Website Link: realcareerline.hk/